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Letters for Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012

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Posted: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 12:00 am

Respect Kaua‘i!

This past Sunday morning I took a drive out to Polihale hoping for another great day of surfing. Queens Pond wasn’t happening so I proceeded down the beach. Half way down to Fishermans I came across a sight that infuriated me.

Someone had abandoned their campsite, leaving two wind-

destroyed pop-up tents, 30 empty and full beer, soda and water bottles, personal effects, clothing, toiletries, cigarettes and food trash.

It was 7 a.m., I couldn’t believe my eyes! I took pictures in disgust as there was no-one close by to witness this. So I decided to clean it up. Twenty minutes into it, my friend Alika Grady stopped by and was as shocked as I still was.

We filled up both of our trucks with their trash! It seems the wind blew out their campsite and they chose to leave the aftermath, sneaking off in the dark like thieves.

There is absolutely no excuse for trashing one of the most beautiful places in the world, our back yard. All it would have taken was the DLNR to show up, see this site and close down the beach access for everyone else on Kaua‘i. Or for some tourists to spot this and question the bumper sticker “Respect the locals.” What a great example!  

Maybe it was the three trucks of people that flew by me leaving Polihale as I started the bumpy drive; they weren’t rental trucks either!

If so, do Kaua‘i a favor, stay away from Polihale and feel absolute shame for your actions!

Jules Cannon


Canadians love Myles

In order to get away from our cold Canadian winters we have been traveling to Kaua‘i for the last 10 years or so to spend two months each year in paradise. On our very first visit to Kaua‘i we stayed at Po‘ipu and had the good fortune to meet Myles Emura at the beach while he was on duty as a lifeguard. After a couple of years of staying at Po‘ipu we arranged to stay at a cottage in Waimea and each year have continued to see and spend a great deal of time with Myles.

From the very first time we observed Myles at Po‘ipu we were very impressed with the wonderful way he communicated with tourists, how knowledgeable he was regarding not only the ocean and the beach at Po‘ipu but also with respect to all local fruits and vegetation, etc. And we loved his tremendous nature and spirit of aloha. Myles was an “educator” and showed people how to be safe when entering the water.

At the beach we met quite a few local residents and in chatting with them learned of many heroic actions of  Myles over the years. We did read an early newspaper article from The Garden Island which set out many  highlights of  Myles’ career over the years and were awed by it.

I mentioned to my husband one time while we were sitting at Po‘ipu Beach that if ever I were drowning I would hope that Myles was on duty because I know I could depend on him to get the job done.

We also saw for ourselves what type of  personality and character Myles had over the years we spent in Kaua‘i. We found him to be a completely honest, trustworthy and very compassionate and kindhearted person and we are proud to be able to call him our friend and we are looking forward to seeing him again this winter.

Liz and Gerry Langbein

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Mayor should take county vehicle home

In a Nov. 20 letter to TGI, “Somethin’ happenin’ here?” Mr. Dorst writes, “I feel the mayor should have free access to all the fuel he needs, both for personal and business use ...”

I can agree with you only on the work vehicle. I feel I don’t have to pay tax to support politicians who abuse their authority and privileges. They feel that they can steal from taxpayers for their own personal gains.

I guess Mr. Dorst is OK with people of authority stealing from him. He  writes, “I wish to support solutions rather than attacks.”

Mr. Dorst, here’s a solution. The mayor should take a county vehicle home like the KPD officers do.


Howard Tolbe


‘Wonder Blunder’ was breach of legal duties

The predominant theme as promulgated by the State of Hawai‘i Senate Special Committee on Accountability is that the University of Hawai‘i executive administration failed to exercise “due diligence.”

Lack of due diligence is synonymous with carelessness. Carelessness is synonymous with negligence. Because professionals were negligent, professional negligence and malpractice are at the heart of the matter.

The University of Hawai‘i executive administration, namely, President M.R.C. Greenwood, former Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw, Vice President for Legal Affairs Darolyn Lendio and former Athletic Director Jim Donovan had a legal duty to reasonably investigate the recipient of the $200,000 transfer before dispatching with such a large sum of public monies.

They did not. Therefore, they breached their legal duties.

This egregious breach of duty factually and foreseeably caused damages to the university and the State of Hawai‘i.

Therefore, Greenwood, Hinshaw, Lendio and Donovan were negligent in their job performances.

If Greenwood, Hinshaw, Lendio or Donovan had any honor, they would resign for the benefit of the community.

The fact that heads did not roll, i.e., no University of Hawai‘i executives were terminated for cause, is shocking.

This outcome squarely fits the paradigm of a bureaucratic whitewashing, or as Brooks Atkinson aptly stated, the perfect bureaucrat is the one who manages to escape all responsibility.

David Mihaila


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  • Cholan posted at 11:58 pm on Fri, Dec 7, 2012.

    Cholan Posts: 4

    This regent/concert scam, where ONLY the taxpayers get ripped off.
    If upset, please call; Office of Alumni Relations for graduates; Phone: 1-877-UH-ALUMS (1-877-842-5867);Oahu: 956-2586;Email is at: alumnews@hawaii.edu
    Current students contact kaleo at: 956-9962 or Newsroom: (808)956-7043 E-mail: kaleo@kaleo.org Website: www.kaleo.org.
    IF REALLY UPSET, contact Board of Regents at: tel 956-8213, or email bor@hawaii.edu

  • Happyconservative posted at 1:29 pm on Thu, Dec 6, 2012.

    Happyconservative Posts: 0

    interesting response

  • PeteAntonson posted at 11:33 pm on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    PeteAntonson Posts: 2423

    I think you still don't know who these 47% are.

    One percent of them are the very wealthy whose income is derived from capital gains or use a concept called “tax-loss carryforward,” These top earners don’t have to pay federal income tax.
    Only 18.1 percent of all households pay no tax—two thirds of the households that pay no income tax (the 46.6%) still pay payroll tax. (many, at higher rates than Mitt Romney). 10 of that 18.1%, are elderly or retired on Social Security payments only and not receiving enough to have a taxable income. Of the the remaining 8.1% of that 18.1%, many are poor and most are somewhere along a two year average period of no taxable income (meaning they will be paying again sooner or later). Also included are younger individuals in their late teens and early 20s, many of whom are either unemployed or in school. I don't have a percentage; but there are a lot of them.

    You should really rethink this moronic 47% sloganeering!

  • manongindashadow posted at 10:00 pm on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    manongindashadow Posts: 314

    I still stand firm that the mayor take a county marked vehicle home to travel to work and back home.(no side roads such as going to stores or eataries, doctor appoinmens, etc. for personal use.)
    Also, along with the county vehicle a daily trip ticket should be filled by the mayor on his where abouts and turned in on a weekly bases. This trip ticket should include location, starting mileage& time, ending mileage&time, total miles at the end of every stop, date, and his signature. These documents should be labelled."for official use only".(fouo)

  • MichaelMann posted at 9:35 pm on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    MichaelMann Posts: 463

    Poor WalMart. How ever do they manage?

    God bless the Waltons. They just give and give, and never ask for anything in return.

  • Regular Guy Giving Just Retorts posted at 5:58 pm on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    Regular Guy Giving Just Retorts Posts: 941

    So do you feel any better now Johnny Z???


  • jzwiebel posted at 5:20 pm on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    jzwiebel Posts: 5

    49% of Republicans believe that ACORN stole the 2012 election for Obama.

    ACORN was destroyed by the false Republican lies told by James O'Keefe in 2010.

    At least 49% of Republicans are stupid, but that is probably a conservative estimate.


    (OK, I figure if you're dumb enough to believe polls from Fox, you're dumb enough to believe PPP polls.)

  • rightisright posted at 4:59 pm on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    rightisright Posts: 9

    Kauaiboy - For everything you can point to showing Walmart is "immoral" they can point to a hundred things they've done to better many local neighborhoods, states, and all people who live in the U.S. They employ almost as many people as the government, provide life long careers for those who work their way up to management. Provide low cost items to every home in America so people can live better on less. And the list goes on and on!

    You're missing the point. In business language "immoral" is meaningless. Corporations operate under the law - period. If you have a moral issue take it to the church.

    By the way, I think it's immoral for anyone, other than the severely handicapped, to live in the United States and pay 0 Federal Income taxes. That means 47% of Americans, minus the very small percentage of those who just really can't work for physical reasons, are immoral.

    Where do you lie?

  • jzwiebel posted at 4:38 pm on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    jzwiebel Posts: 5

    Will you guys quite citing the "highest corporate taxes in the world" lie.
    Many of these corporations actually get a refund that greatly exceeds their tax liability. They are run by sociopaths who have no respect for human life, as explained exceedingly well in the documentary "The Corporation", which showed that even if the CEO wants to "do the right thing", he is powerless because his shareholders and board of directors would crucify him.

    You greedy little piece of ....

    Recall it was Dick Cheney that said "Reagan proved that deficits don't matter", that is unless a Democrat is President.

  • jzwiebel posted at 4:33 pm on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    jzwiebel Posts: 5

    Your solution is to make everybody poor except the Walton family. You should be ashamed of yourself for your selfishness and unwillingness to recognize that nothing happens without labor and that labor should be held in high enough esteem that employees should receive a livable wage. That includes the employees in India who burned to death in Walmart's clothing factory and the employees in China who work ungodly hours living inside a high-security prison camp that Romney naively believed was fenced to keep people out when the reality is quite different.

  • PeteAntonson posted at 4:29 pm on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    PeteAntonson Posts: 2423

    Jules, thanks for stopping and making the sacrifice for the good of all of us. In return, I hope the "full beer" left behind was something you could use!

  • OPUSONE posted at 3:57 pm on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    OPUSONE Posts: 0

    Mr. Mihaila, your composition reads like a 95+ Cabernet Sauvignon tastes: smooth and supple with the perfect balance of acids and tannins. Bravo for having the insight and courage to take the Senate report, run with it like a Heisman Trophy candidate, and extrapolate the findings to their logical conclusions.

  • Manawai posted at 12:14 pm on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    Manawai Posts: 309

    I used to get a car because of my management position with a local financial institution. It was worth about $600/month to me in gas, insurance, car payments, service, etc. all of which I didn't have to pay. It was a perk in lieu of a salary bump. But then they decided that only senior management should get company cars so they could cut expenses on the backs of middle management to make themselves look good. Instead we got a $300/monthly car allowance which was entirely taxable. That was over 20 years ago. As for me, I had a choice to stay or say up yours and leave. I chose to stay.

  • Manawai posted at 12:04 pm on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    Manawai Posts: 309

    HappyC - Technically you're right about how large public corporations work, but in recent decades another scenario has developed. Because the shareholders are so numerous and diffuse, most of the proxies to elect the board are either ignored or returned with management's recommendations for directors. So management ends up electing their bosses, the directors. It's now a three-way battle of interests: What's good for the business, what's good for stockholders and what's good for management, the latter holding the most power and being difficult to remove. Hence the golden parachutes and huge compensation for top management.

  • Manawai posted at 11:55 am on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    Manawai Posts: 309

    All would have been revealed by a simple call to veteran Honolulu concert promoter Tom Moffatt who knows all the players. What were they thinking? Nothing, I guess. I hope these guys don't respond to the emails from Nigerian lawyers looking for heirs to settle multimillion dollar estates.

  • Happyconservative posted at 10:38 am on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    Happyconservative Posts: 0

    Walmart pay taxes on profits made in the US. We have the highest corporate taxes in the world. Walmart must pay taxes to the countries where they Operate. The major duty of corporations is to the stockholders. If Corp officers made stupid decisions, they may held accountable is a shareholders derivative action. The duties of a corp. to the general public would be not to put defective or dangerous products. Duties to employees include government regs (workers compensation etc.} and matters of contract. Don't forget nobody makes you shop at a particular store.

  • waniniboy posted at 10:30 am on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    waniniboy Posts: 151

    Regarding the Mayor's car - he should NOT take it home for a number of reasons:
    • getting to and from work is personal use, the rest of us don't get a free car with unlimited gas
    • it's not trackable what's personal VS official
    • unlike KPD, he's not on emergency call
    • and the biggie, is that it sets an example for the rest of our County employees.

    I notice that County employees do WAAAAY too much driving around. They have zero concern for burining fuel and seem to think we are fooled that driving around = work.

    1 Mayor driving a car home is not a big deal, setting an example for the other 1050 County employees IS a big deal.

  • kauaiboy posted at 10:01 am on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    kauaiboy Posts: 251

    SciDoc: simply google "Myles Emura"

    ..........David Mihaila: so upset about U of H blowing $200k on the Wonder Blunder? Lucky you live Oahu! Here on Kauai we regularly blow that much settling all the faux pauxs of our elected officials!

    ...........Rightisright: Walmart may or may not do things legally, but they certainly often do things immorally. That is the problem with corporations; it's all about profits and growth and the fiduciary duty to the stockholders to achieve both at whatever cost, and those that get in the way of those goals get trampled. Corporations are not people; they have no soul. The closest, admittedly fictional, person that corporations like Walmart approximate is Ebenezer Scrooge, who worships at the alter of his God M-O-N-E-Y. "And the workhouses? Are they still in operation?" and "If they would rather die, than they had better do it and decrease the surplus population!"

  • SciDoc posted at 8:33 am on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    SciDoc Posts: 0

    This seems like the 50th letter describing the virtues of Myles Emura. Must be, or have been, a great lifeguard as he can apparently walk on water. Maybe he should run for mayor as he won't even need free gas. But will someone please explain what is going on with this guy?

  • tunataxi posted at 7:31 am on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    tunataxi Posts: 582

    Times are different....No one should take a county vehicle home. County employees make a fair wage. Show that you truly want a better Kauai....and lead by example.

  • rightisright posted at 7:24 am on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    rightisright Posts: 9

    JZ said: "Do you get the idea that they -STOLE- it? " (Walmart yesterday)

    John you couldn't be farther from the truth. It's legal to build your factories, and employ workers overseas if you want to! Here's a news flash for ya. This is a free country and Walmart can do anything they want to legally build their fortune.

    Ask yourself this - why do they feel it necessary to move all of this out of this country? Simple answer! Because of people that think and act like you do, unions, Government regs to the absurd, and among the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Take away a corporation's freedom it moves!

    Companies exist to make a profit and grow. They're like a river that flows to the sea and will carve canyons and go around mountains to get there. Liberals are stupidly putting mountains in front of the largest and most beautiful rivers on earth! Goodbye!

    The intelligent leader would positively incentivize the river's desired flow. The stupid leader does an Obama

  • Regular Guy Giving Just Retorts posted at 7:04 am on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    Regular Guy Giving Just Retorts Posts: 941

    Most times when I see whose driving the vehicle with the respect the locals bumper stickers...

    They're not the type of people who would warrant such respect off of the cuff... but are probably very nice people... for the most part... the others should be cited for false advertizing!

    The craziest thing I see is etched glass rear windows of "In Memory of..."...

    Yeah you took the insurance money and bought something that depreciates and rusts away... In memory of for about a dozen years and not worth much afterwards... should of put it into something that appreciates... just saying there are much better things you can honor the memory of someone with.

  • dakine posted at 6:33 am on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    dakine Posts: 611

    You've got it right, Howard. We left the door (to the gas pump) open, and several mayors have apparently driven right through it.

    And I also have to agree with the Wonder Blunder thing...although it seems so incredible to me that no one in the process went to the trouble to verify that the entity they were dealing with was actually Wonder's agent, or an authorized rep of that agent. Having promoted large concerts in the past, I know I was ALWAYS queried on that item, and it was not a big deal to provide the confirmation. It was, indeed, a blunder on several levels.

  • interesting posted at 4:38 am on Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

    interesting Posts: 1931

    if really wanting to help this lifeguard guy, might be best to go see mayor or mayor assistant and say "hey, i vote, and i wont be able to support the administration or anybody they endorse if this guy is not reinstated"...and maybe do the same thing for members of the council. and if you have some money, inject that into the equation as well. will get actual traction if you can scale re persons and/or money


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