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Letters for Sunday, August 12, 2012

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Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2012 12:00 am

REVISED JULY 25 - Change in online commenting policy

Starting July 1, The Garden Island changed how it monitors the online commenting portion of thegardenisland.com. All registered users must use their real name and have a valid email address. All comments will go through an approval process. Not all comments will be approved. Priority will be given to those that are topical and remain within our comment policies. Author’s Screen Name will be viewable, full name and hometown are encouraged, but not required.

We encourage continued use of our online comment feature as well as the Letters to the Editor in our print edition. The Garden Island values reader input and encourages thoughtful debate.

Inconsiderate acts are not grounds for new laws

I don’t smoke and I don’t vote, but seeing how we love laws on Kaua‘i, I thought of even more laws we can add on to our current list of atrocities that make our life too unbearable to live.

If we are going to ban smoking in public places, then we also have the moral obligation to ban these monstrosities that are also plaguing a “certain population” of people on our beautiful Kaua‘i.

1. Ban soda/fast food: Not only are these the main cause of America’s worst killer, heart disease, there is nothing worse than going to a public place and finding fast food wrappers and soda cups/cans/bottles littered all over the place, plus seeing someone eat/drink fast food makes me sick and disturbs my peace of mind.

2. Ban disposable diapers: One can hardly go to a beach without seeing at least one disposable diaper trashed in the sand/bushes. This poses a grave threat to humanity, also the smell of when the diapers are used causes nausea and disturbs peace.

3. Ban bumper stickers: When you’re reading a bumper sticker, you’re not watching the road. Extremely dangerous.

4. Ban eating while driving: An obvious hazard to fellow motorists.

5. Ban chewing gum: What’s worse, stepping in it or accidentally touching it under a table? Disease transmitted. Peace disturbed.

Ridiculous? Yes, just as ridiculous as the smoking ban. If someone smoking is causing you harm/disturbance, go tell them!  

Most people will understand and stop/move. Inconsiderateness does not make grounds for a creation of a law.

Cory French


Climate change debate needs a closer look

Leave it to “progressive” writer Gene Lyons to cite a thoroughly discredited source in his prop-up of man caused “global warming.” The “scientist” in question, Penn State climatologist Michael Mann, is not just, as Lyons says, “harassed and investigated” by “unqualified politicians.” Lyons failed to mention that Mann was caught red-handed, along with a British professor, hiding data that disproved man-caused “climate change.”  

Don’t expect Lyons or most of big media to tell you that last year we experienced the longest stretch in over 100 years without a Category 3 or higher hurricane hitting U.S. shores. And nothing so far this year has changed that trend. Lyons claims the National Weather Service calls it “exceptional drought.” Actually, they’ve labeled some areas as such but not the entire region.  

We had a serious drought in the 50’s and the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression was far worse and longer-lasting. Anecdotal conditions don’t prove a theory. Much of Europe has a had a cool, wet spring and summer.  “Global” means global, not just the American Midwest.

John Burns


Council cannot pass simple smoking ban

It’s hard to believe that county council can’t pass a simple bill banning smoking in county parks! Education may stop children from taking up smoking, but adults who are addicted will not stop.  Remember who voted against this bill at the next election, and vote them out!

Doug Henry



The Westside’s needs a new radio station

I can get all of the islands stations in Kekaha, but Jon Hare is correct. If you work at PMRF, there is no choice but KUAI. It is the only station AM or FM that reaches that far, which is cause for concern really.

I believe KKCR was created for the purpose of being the radio station to serve the community during an emergency or natural disaster. What’s the point if most of the Westside can’t receive it?

I am very disappointed in the format change at KUAI. The quality has been fluctuating at that station ever since it was bought up by the local radio conglomerate. Our favorite Sunday evening show disappeared completely and the eclectic blend of music that they used to play had been creeping more toward country music

I don’t know that Kaua‘i needs or can support two stations playing essentially the same music. It was a safe decision on the part of KUAI’s owners.

I like country myself. I don’t particularly like the kind of country music Rooster Radio plays and I am not liking the new KUAI either. It’s highly unlikely management will turn back the time and return to the old KUAI we used to like. There is a whole spectrum of music that can be incorporated into a country-like station.  Country Rock, Blues, Folk, Folk/Country, mixed in with a little Hawaiian/local, and current popular music with some interesting and fresh radio personalities who have the freedom to actually choose the music they play and they might be on to something.

Imitation is a form of flattery, but to be successful in the business world you have to have a product that is different, bold and new. Being just like or just as good as the next guy just ain’t gonna cut it. I think there is an opportunity being missed here.  

John Clayton


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