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Letters for Monday, June 10, 2013


GMOs = Great Meal Offering

Chances are many have enjoyed a dinner of GMOs, from your fresh farmed Salmon to grilled corn on the cob along with the delicious rainbow papaya.

GMO should stand for Great Meal Offering!

Did you know, many cosmetics, the soaps we bathe with and the detergents we wash our clothes with, are likely derived from GMOs?

Your neighbor may be a GMO product themselves, maybe they were the product of in vitro fertilization or even a test tube baby.

What anti-GMO protesters may have missed is that today’s potent varieties of marijuana were created by genetic modification.

The world’s population is expected to grow from today’s 6 billion to about 8 billion by 2030.

Feeding all of these people will require advances.

GMO technology rescued the Papaya industry in Hawaii with the birth of the Rainbow papaya.

I believe GMO foods should be labeled just as kosher and organic foods.

GMOs, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

James “Kimo” Rosen


No more noise on North Shore

I read a petition yesterday that objects to the idea of a new bar, Tiki Iniki, applying for a permit from the Kauai Liquor Commission permitting them to provide amplified music to entertain their patrons.

My first thought was why would anyone name a bar after such a destructive and negative experience?

Second, why would anyone wish to change the extremely peaceful nature of the neighborhood?

Why would they interrupt their surrounding neighbors’ quiet evenings, those who are within earshot of their establishment?

Why would they place the burden upon the homeowners to be the “bad guys” when the music gets too loud to call the police and complain about the noise, (like when they’re trying to put their young children to sleep around 8 p.m.)?

I may be mistaken, but the previous bar there played minimal loud music without amplification.

Yes, there’s few places to hear live music on the North Shore.

But why do it in the middle of a very quiet neighborhood at the expense of others?

Roughly there are 15 homes within 500 feet; 45 within 1,000 feet. One thousand feet is roughly the size of a football field, including end zones. Thanks to the roosters, we’re all reminded how quickly and far sound travels, especially on quiet evenings.

I hope I’m wrong about our new neighbors. I hope they’re respectful of their neighbors.

Peace and quiet is getting harder to come by every day. Last I checked, peace and quiet is a right, not a privilege.

Simon Beatty


Concerned about Moloaa thefts

My family is also concerned about the rash of break-ins in our small community in Moloaa.

For the past 15 years, things have been peaceful. In the last year, so many of our neighbors have been hit.

The police response time is about an hour or more, they take prints but we don’t know if we are dealing with the same suspects or if they are different burglars.

It would be helpful to have a list of photos of known burglars on the island so we can keep a eye out for them,  so that they know the community is on to them.

Many of the homes here are now installing surveillance cameras and alarms so that we can identify prowlers and people staking out our homes.

We would appreciate if the police can give us some updates on arrests and, again, photos so we can better protect ourselves.

It’s a sinking feeling to know there are creepy people who slink around like snakes waiting to steal from innocent people.

Please help us protect ourselves by giving us photos and updates (how many of these fingerprints are matches with other break-ins?).

This would be useful information. It’s been only getting worse here and as yet no arrests. The cameras will help but it’s a pity to this sweet community under surveillance.

It would help if the courts would give out stiffer sentences instead release to drug court or probation. It is not fair to the victims.

Thomas McCall