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Letters for Friday, December 6, 2013

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Posted: Friday, December 6, 2013 12:00 am

Thanks for letters

Many thanks to the editor and others working on the Garden Isle newspaper for publishing the many letters involving GMO’s and other local issues, relating to our health and well being.

Don Smith, Lihue

Request for help on state report

Hi. My name is Jenna M. I picked your state, Hawaii, for my fifth-grade state report. I love Hawaii so I thought it would be awesome to do the Aloha State. I think Hawaii is so beautiful. Those are some reasons I picked this state.

Can you please put my letter in the paper? I was wondering if your readers could actually help me out. We need to have some items to have on display. For our state report in May. I was hoping to have some items like key chains, water bottle, license plate, souvenirs, and even maybe a coconut. I would feel really proud to have a little jar of sand and shells on display. If you can I would like Hawaii’s state coin, and some brochures, any thing you would like to send would work.

I don’t want all of you to go in to any trouble though. Just do what you can. If you can do this I would get a really good grade.

This will be a great experience for me and you. Thank you so much for reading my letter. We will need these items by April. Please send these items to my school’s address. Thank you.

Karen Talbert, Fifth-grade teacher

Conway School

19710 State Route 534

Mount Vernon, Wash., 98274

Mayor would have to be superhuman

An argument has been making the rounds lately. It’s a “two wrongs make a right” argument designed to “make right” the revolting council packing maneuver we all witnessed.

Some want us to believe that the mayor did not choose Nadine Nakamura, who has a USC bachelor’s in public affairs and urban planning, a UH master’s in urban and regional planning, plus-20 years experience, plus a highly rated three-year council record, and go through the lengthy process of hiring for such a position as managing director between the July 1 resignation of Gary Heu and the replacement announcement Oct. 11.

Some want us to believe that this critically important appointment was simply political maneuvering for a one-time objective like the council packing was. That it was hastily made using magical psychic powers a week before the council even passed the bill (Oct. 16) and weeks before Ross Kagawa even knew about a veto that would ultimately bring change to his vote weeks after that. Ya know, I would vote for such a superhuman mayor as that!   

Of course, there’s no evidence for this charge. That makes it innuendo; an attempt to destroy a reputation using suggestion and insinuation. Innuendo is wrong. Therefore, it turns out that “two wrongs just make two wrongs” and they’re both being made by 2491 supporters.

Pete Antonson, Lawai

More questions on smart meters

In his letter to the Forum, Larry Arruda has asked some excellent questions about the rates being proposed for co-op members who chose to keep their old meters and not have a “smart” meter installed.

If KIUC has a legitimate reason for charging an outrageous fee to keep a meter that the customer has been happy with for years, then let us see to it that they categorically respond to Mr Arruda’s questions.

1) What happened to the money per year that it was costing KIUC to read the old meters?

2) Why didn’t we (a co-op) have an election to decide on whether we should spend $11 million on a “smart meter” program to begin with?

3) The cost to read meters has always been included in the price we pay for our electricity. Therefore, the cost to read fewer meters is not an extra cost.

These and other great questions that Larry asks certainly need answers.

And the greatest question my dear friend Ray Chuan always asked, why did we allow KIUC to buy Citizens Utility for $50 million over book value when our rates have never been lowered and we still pay the highest electric bills in the nation?

Glenn Mickens, Kapaa

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