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Sunday 09/21/2014
Pay As You Throw is necessary

As the County Council continues to deliberate on the proposed Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) program, it bears repeating that the primary goal of the program is not to raise fees, but rather to incentivize recycling and reduce the amount of material that is disposed in the county’s landfill.

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Saturday 09/20/2014
Why the facts make our 'right to know' more important than ever

In recent months there has been much scientific attention on the dangers of Dow’s pesticide chlorpyrifos, which interferes with brain development and the nervous system of children and fetuses especially (see CHAMACOS and Columbia University studies). Chlorpyrifos is also acutely toxic, causing muscle spasms, dizziness, vomiting, seizures, paralysis and death. Due to its well-documented and severe risks, in 2000, the EPA banned the use of chlorpyrifos in homes, schools and parks.

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Friday 09/19/2014
State-provided targeted benefits: Help or harm?

State governments, including ours, are increasingly using targeted benefits, such as tax credits and exemptions, to attract companies or industries to their states. Research recently published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University raises the question about whether these benefits help or hurt.

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Malama Maha’ulepu opposes dairy proposal

Following months of careful scrutiny, research and deliberation, Malama Maha’ulepu has decided to formally oppose Hawaii Dairy Farms’ proposed operation in Maha’ulepu Valley. We wish to clearly articulate our position for opposing this dairy, explain how we arrived at our conclusion and share our next steps with the community.

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Wednesday 09/17/2014
The summer of our discontent

Despite these last few months of hot and lazy days, it’s been hard not to notice a cold political wind blowing through the country. The magazine Foreign Affairs captured it with its latest cover, a mockup of a travel poster featuring a crumbling U.S. Capitol with the tagline, “See America: Land of Decay and Dysfunction.”

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Tuesday 09/16/2014
Is wireless tech dangerous in schools?

Wireless tech is new, and just as secondhand smoke was proven to be hazardous, wireless frequencies are also hazardous.

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Monday 09/15/2014
Topping off summertime

Surprisingly, we saw our first koleas (Pacific golden plovers) on the Wailua Golf Course two weeks ago, a sign of summer’s end. Two pairs of the migrating birds were scouring their territories between the eighth and ninth holes, no doubt trying to “beef up” with a juicy worm after the nonstop flight of some 5,000 miles from Alaska.

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Saturday 09/13/2014
County needs to right its wrong on property taxes

Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part commentary. The first was published Friday.

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Pineapples gift to Kapaa

Editor’s note: Stories of Kauai is a column submitted by the Kauai Historical Society that will be published every other Saturday in The Garden Island.

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Friday 09/12/2014
Council has made many missteps on property taxes

Editor’s note: This is the first of a two-part commentary. The second will be published Saturday.

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Thursday 09/11/2014
KHS is not a ‘no-kill’ shelter and here’s why

We are routinely asked if we are a “no-kill” shelter. We always reply: “No, we are an ‘open-admission’ shelter; we take in approximately 5,000 animals a year, and we are the only animal welfare shelter on the island.” 

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Monday 09/08/2014
Was it worth it? Absolutely

After the recent ruling in favor of the chemical companies’ position that Ordinance 960 is pre-empted by state law, critics are talking a lot about how much money this lawsuit has cost the county.

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Sunday 09/07/2014
Hawaii needs the Ex-Im Bank more than ever

The current debate in Congress about whether to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank is troubling.

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Saturday 09/06/2014
Simple scenario highlights why we cherish our Kauai lifestyle

Reading TGI (8/21) about enthusiastic proponents of a resurrected Superferry stimulates my imagination, but not in a pretty way. Let me spin out a scenario that I see coming if we Kauaians were to enjoy the money-saving convenience of a Superferry ride to Honolulu. Remember that Oahu has a population of more than a million people who probably find the airfare to Kauai daunting. But hey, with the Superferry running, why not load up food, beer, kids, dogs, fishing and camping gear into the SUV and vacation on Kauai for a week?

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Friday 09/05/2014
REIT – A new kind of tax shelter?

This week we will talk about a special kind of corporation called a “real estate investment trust,” or REIT. Some people have called it the modern-day tax shelter, as it provides significant benefits under the federal tax code.

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Solar storms serious threat to US

We all like the sounds of the Civil Defense sirens at 11:45 a.m. the first day of each new month. That proves that the sirens will sound when there is a warning (threat) to our way of life. What we don’t like to hear, is the wailing of the sirens, when it is not “siren test” time. Of course, the first thing we do when sirens go off ... warning or false alarm? ... is to listen to “local” KONG and/or KKCR FM radio. Then the truth usually comes out.

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Wednesday 09/03/2014
Pay-as-you-throw fee scale may shift to residents’ favor

Draft Bill 2551, known as “Pay As You Throw,” is being proposed as a method to increase recycling and divert waste from the landfill. We agree with this concept and acknowledge that many of our residents already participate in this process. Almost every household recycles cans and bottles, and it is very common to see people, especially our kupuna, making the rounds at the parks and beaches to collect these items.

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Tuesday 09/02/2014
Many concerns with Hawaii Dairy Farm plan

The public rises almost as one opposed to this impending fiasco. Excellent articles (Jacqueline Hoban, from a third generation cattle and dairy family) wrote to TGI about her firsthand knowledge of the negative dairy impact certainty on our fragile island.

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Women Veterans Conference Oct. 18

The Kauai Vet Center announces a Women Veterans Conference from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Oct. 18 at the Kauai Veterans Center. 

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Monday 09/01/2014
Ruling on Ordinance 960 won't stop a grassroots effort

The recent decision by our federal judge to throw out Ordinance 960 (formerly Bill 2491) as pre-empted is a huge blow to the efforts that we have been making towards a more sustainable agricultural industry for Hawaii, but not by any means the end. Obviously, there are likely to be appeals. There are still families and sensitive environments living downwind of these chemical company research stations. There are still families wondering if their children are in danger due to chemicals blowing in the wind. There are still unanswered questions, protection measures that are needed and solutions to be found, we aren’t giving up any time soon.

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