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Friday 12/04/2015
Shining examples of the spirit of Kauai

‘Tis the time of year we could use a bit of good news. And nothing warms the heart like hearing stories with happy endings or ones that reflect a great effort on someone’s behalf (unless you’re the Grinch before his small heart grew three sizes in one day).

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Thursday 12/03/2015
Maybe there is a way to end the violence

Another shooting. This time, at least 14 killed at a Southern California social services center. Many more wounded by as many as three gunmen reportedly wearing military-style gear.

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Thursday 11/26/2015
Reflect, be grateful, give thanks and share the joy

Thanksgiving is a good day to reflect on the things one can be thankful for. Family, friends, work, health and just living on a place as special as Kauai are few of the blessings that come to mind. Sometimes, the things to appreciate are not always clear but they are often right in front of us.

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Sunday 10/25/2015
Councilman right to craft dog barking regulation

Good for Councilman KipuKai Kuali’i in crafting regulation to bring back an ordinance to deal with excessive dog barking on Kauai. He recognizes this is an issue that must be addressed. Several citizens have reported that since the county’s dog barking law was repealed two months ago, what had been fairly quiet neighborhoods turned noisy again due to canines in the area now free to bark to their heart’s content and owners without worry of any knocks on the door from authorities.

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Friday 10/23/2015
More guns won’t lead to less violence

Violence is all around us. Every day, there are shootings and stabbings and muggings and assaults and attacks. Senseless killings happen everywhere, every day. They happened yesterday and they’ll happen today and again tomorrow. It goes on and on and unless we’re directly affected, it’s almost reached the point we can only shrug our shoulders, hope family and friends are OK and push on through another day.

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Sunday 10/18/2015
New Coco Palms will be a blessing to Kauai

For more than two decades, the remains of a Coco Palms Resort that was pummeled by Hurricane Iniki have stood along Kuhio Highway in Wailua. Disputes over insurance and permits and other factors kept what was once one of Kauai’s most storied resorts from finding new life.

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Friday 10/16/2015
Let’s do all we can to save lives

Monday afternoon, a visitor to Kauai, 31-year-old Jamie Zimmerman of New York, drown.

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Wednesday 10/14/2015
Worsening coral crisis needs our attention — and help

Our corals are in trouble.

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Thursday 10/08/2015
Governor’s trip is worth the investment

Hawaii taxpayers will foot the bill, about $9,000, for Gov. David Ige to travel to Okinawa Prefecture in Japan and Guangdong Province in China between Oct. 6 and 14.

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Wednesday 09/30/2015
Shining a light on KIUC’s renewable energy efforts

Rest assured, that if the conversation turns to electric rates on Kauai, the general consensus is, residents are paying too much. After all, electricity on Kauai is among the most costly in the nation. It definitely isn’t cheap. If you’re like many on this island, you’re sure to keep things turned off when not in use, hang clothes outside to dry and probably use a fan to keep cool because it’s just too expensive to operate an air conditioner.

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Tuesday 09/29/2015
Sonar settlement, continuing research welcome

That the Navy agreed earlier this month to limit its use of sonar and other training that harms whales, dolphins and marine mammals off Hawaii and California is good. It’s a recognition that there is a problem with these activities and they can’t continue to be carried out as frequently as they have in years past without marine life paying a price.

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Friday 09/25/2015
Cooler classrooms should be DOE priority

The effects of Hawaii’s heat and humidity this summer took its toll on everyone on Kauai. We took refuge in air conditioned restaurants. We swam in the ocean. We sat in front of fans. We sought out shade. We prayed for trade winds. We waited for cooler conditions, and thankfully, they arrived. When it’s so hot and humid, it’s hard to sleep. It’s difficult to feel comfortable in our homes. So imagine how challenging it can be to learn in Kauai school classrooms.

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Wednesday 09/23/2015
Time to point to all that good going on

Sometimes, amidst our daily dilemmas and anguishing over financial fears, we forget we have much to celebrate. That’s especially the case on Kauai these days. Sure, there’s always something someone could point out that is wrong or just complain because it makes them feel better, but on this day, we’d like to point out the good going on and many of the people out there making a difference, in case you haven’t noticed.

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Tuesday 09/22/2015
A warm welcome for Mark Perriello

Mark Perriello was doing well for himself in Washington, D.C. He had a successful career in politics and worked for the staffs of U.S. senators and in the White House under President Barack Obama’s first administration. He was the president and CEO for the American Association of People with Disabilities. He was one of those who wore three-piece suits to work, determined to make his mark, hell-bent on making a difference in life. What better place to do that than Washington, D.C.?

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Saturday 09/19/2015
Volunteer’s story reflects heart of Red Cross

The compassion and caring of Red Cross volunteers is without question. These folks give much of themselves without expecting or asking for anything in return. And they go to great lengths and distances to do so.

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Wednesday 09/16/2015
Praise, concern for principal outcome

The reassignment of Principal Lisa McDonald from Hanalei Elementary School comes with reasons to pause for praise and concern.

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Sunday 09/13/2015
Go ahead and take the ‘Violence Fast Pledge’

If ever there was something we can support and promote and encourage without any reservations, “The Media Violence Fast Pledge” is it. That’s a pledge, which some students on Kauai are making, to avoid violent TV programs, movies and video games Tuesday through Monday.

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Friday 09/11/2015
Be sure to read, comment on Haena State Park plan

So what should be done with Haena State Park?

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Saturday 08/15/2015
70 years later, lessons endure

It was 70 years ago, Aug, 15, 1945, that Japan surrendered, thus bringing an end to World War II that started nearly six years earlier, Sept. 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland.

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Wednesday 08/12/2015
Teachers giving their best to Kauai’s youth

The new school year recently got under way, but we haven’t heard much from or about Kauai’s teachers. That’s probably because they’re too busy educating the island’s children and young adults, one of the most important jobs around.

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